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My visit to Dmacc College

My thoughts on Dmacc College were pretty good when I was there. I like the College very much but I dont think its a college that I would attend myself. It seems like the classes are scattered out everywhere and not that much stuff is organized and I like organized schools. A lot of the kids were working out is the hallways and stuff and I just dont like those kind of schools. One thing I did like about it was there mechanic classes because it was cool learning about it and how they make stuff there for school projects. The college is not that far away from my town which I like very much but still I dont think its a college that I would attend mainly because in my opinion I dont like that college that much. The best thing about that college for me would probably be the classes because I likes the classes they had there and they kinda looked fun but not too much fun because its still school. The prices for that college are probably like other community colleges and are affordable but still expensive for everyone. My final thought on the college I would honestly give that college a 7 out of 10. Thats all for today but more blogs are coming.

Website for the college – Dmacc College




I decided to work on racism for my project because I feel everybody these days gets way offended way to easily. This is important because you can just say one little thing on social media or something and you get a lot of hate or someone gets offended and sends you a hurtful message. A couple of my goals for this project are to prove people get way offended to easily and try to tell people that most of the messages were not meant towards them or were none of there business to even say anything. First things first I need to research the topic and check how other people feel about racism and look some stuff up about people getting offended to easily. One of the main reasons I chose this topic is because this happens everywhere and even in our own school and I just thought it would be fun to do a project over it. That is just about it for today but I will definitely have a couple more blogs about this. Stuff about my topic   download


Spring Break

My spring break was actually pretty fun and I did some exciting things but not to much stuff. First of all I watched this new series I found on Netflix and watched both seasons in about 3 days. Its called The 100 and its nothing like what it is today and that is what makes it really interesting and I like it a lot and cant wait for more seasons to come out on Netflix. Another thing I liked to do over spring break was just hang out with my dad and do fun stuff. Other than this I didn’t do too much.

The last thing I did was search on craigslist for a moped and actually found one that I liked. So my uncle, my dad and I went and picked it up. Its so cool and I cant wait to start riding it all over town. My moped class isn’t for a couple of weeks so I will have to wait a little bit but that is fine with me. Other than these couple of things I didn’t do that much over spring break but I am going to do a whole lot over summer break. To me my spring break was really fun.

About the series The 100



Evaluating My Blog

I wrote a total of 6 blog posts on my blog. My blog had one teachers set blog and the rest were the student blogging challenges. I didn’t have much comments but that is fine I don’t mind it. My post that had a comment was the one I did right when school first started to say hi to my teacher and tell her my name and something about me. The nature and landscape blog was my favorite blog because nature is awesome and it has a lot of things for us to admire and love about it. I changed my blog theme once because the plain starting one started to get old and I upgraded it to something I would like. The widget number on my account is alright but it is far from amazing and that’s fine with me. In not exactly sure how many overseas students i have on my blog but I am sure i could find out, somehow. The web tools I used the most was pictures and filters becasue they are really helpful and filters help me find what I am looking for when I need it.


1. They liked the layout and thought it was cool.

2. The pictures and headings.

3. They got distracted a little bit because I can write a little sloppy sometimes but not that much.

4. They suggested posting more blogs on my blog.


Different Places Have Different Landscapes

I have personally seen that nature is a lot different in different states. In Iowa its very flat and not that much mountains and a place for farming because its so flat. When I went to South Dakota I could tell that we have changed states just by the mountains and hills because when I looked out my window I could see big hills and it looked a lot more wavy than flat. Its actually pretty cool to see mountains because you don’t see that stuff where we live and when you do see it you are surprised because its a lot different than you would think.

Nature is not made by people its been formed through out many years and different seasons. That´s why different places look different from each other because all nature is has cool things about it. My favorite part about nature is seeing all of the cool things nature offers for us. It helps us find medicine and many more things like it. That´s why we need to stop cutting down so many tress that are in nature. I can understand cutting down some but the amount they have been cutting down is a lot and they need to cut down a little bit.

I have to say my favorite part about nature is seeing all of the different trees, leaves and all of the cool rocks that nature gives us. Sometimes the best part about nature is being alone and everything is quite and peaceful. If you haven’t seen that much nature I would highly recommend that you go out and find some cool stuff. One thing about nature you don’t have to worry about is nature is not going to judge you about anything. Nature is awesome and everyone should go and see what it offers for us.Appalachian_Cove_forest_on_Baxter_Creek_Trail_in_Great_Smoky_Mountains_National_Park14782257_cb2ea56ec0_o

Picture uploaded by Cove forest.              Picture uploaded by Original.   


Visiting Other Blogs

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Our Food

Pizza is one of my favorite foods. It tastes so good and their are so many different pizza places to choose from. You can get almost anything on it and my personal favorite is pepperoni or pepperoni and sausage because its easy and tastes really good when its done cooking. A lot of people like to put 7 different toppings on it and that just doesn’t taste good because you have weird combinations like pineapple and sausage. That is not the only thing, people like to put black olives on their pizza and that is disgusting with pizza. If your have ever tried pizza you know its awesome and will fill you up pretty quick. If you haven’t ever tried pizza then you should because i could eat it everyday of the week if i wanted to because it tasted so good. I have actually had pizza twice in the same day. You know you love pizza when you eat it more than once in one day. Supreme pizza also tastes pretty good too because it doesn’t  have that much toppings, but the toppings it does have makes the pizza taste alright if you cook it right when you are making it. That is why pizza is awesome and a lot of people eat it. Most of the time i just like to eat pepperoni pizza.


Stand Up

If someone is bullying or you are being bullied you need to stand up. A lot of people cant or wont but if you are that one person that will you should stop bullies. Bullies are rude and it makes me mad that people would make fun of people for stupid reasons. Some people just don’t understand that making fun of people puts them in depression and it could ruin their life if they take it to far. I know what goes on in schools because i have seen it and maybe a have said some things i shouldn’t. The thing we need to get across is that it all needs to stop and joking around with your friends is a completely different concept then bullying. So im just saying how would you feel if you were being bullied in school or just anywhere.

I’m not just talking about school, Evan the internet bullying goes to far sometimes. People always talk crap all over the internet and all you need to do is shut of the source or tell someone about what is going on. You don’t need to take crap from someone on the internet. Everyone that knows something about a bully or a person that is being bullied should tell someone so that it stops and everyone is happy. All types of bullying need to stop!


Worlds of Fun!

Timber Wolf uploaded this picture

Timber Wolf uploaded this picture

When I went to worlds of fun it was awesome. I got to ride a lot of roller coasters and other rides. It was expensive but when we got there we know it was worth every little bit of the money we spent to go there. I think my favorite rides were the roller coasters but some of the twisty rides were fun too.

After a couple of hours there we were starting to get tired and went back to our hotel. At the hotel we had fun swimming in the pool even though it was kinda small but still was fun. One of my favorite things i got at worlds of fun was spray painting picture of myself which was cool and I still have today. The only thing that sucked was leaving worlds of fun because we had so much and and i might go back again another time if i want too.


Mrs. Black

        Hi my name is Jonah S. Rasmussen. I am 14 years old and like to ride dirt bikes. I’m in football its really fun and hope to win our game on Tuesday. Reading is not my thing so i don’t do it much but when i’m older i should start to read a little bit. I hope that your husband gets better soon and you can come back to learn more about us. We hope to see you soon.

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